Alzheimer's/Dementia Care Services

Home Care Agency in Lawrenceville, Georgia

We are passionate and Stedfast in our commitment to provide excellent patient-centered care to you and/or your loved one. We are determined to assist our clients to lead a dignified and independent life as long as possible in their own environment.

  • Stedfast provides Alzheimer’s/Dementia/ Memory care which includes consistency in caregiver
  • Establishing routines to decrease anxiety and decrease confusion
  • Communicate clearly and concise allowing time for the individual with memory issues/Alzheimer’s/Dementia to process the information
  • Promoting safety in their home environment, observing and removing hazardous items
  • Provide meaningful activities that helps stimulate memory and cognitive stimulation
  • Allowing and encouraging their participation with their daily activities and providing the necessary assistance to promote their sense of independence
  • Promote and maintain a neat and tidy appearance, grooming and personal hygiene of the individual
  • Promote and assist with physical exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle as long as possible
  • Providing and encourage adequate nutrition and hydration
  • Promote socialization and meaningful conversation
  • Provide activities outdoors, shopping, gardening or other hobbies
  • Observe and report signs and symptoms of pain, changes in condition, illness or incidents to family
  • Stedfast team members are highly skilled and competent and understand their role in the caregiving team and play an integral role in the coordination of care of individuals.

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