Nursing Care Services

Home Care Agency in Lawrenceville, Georgia

We are passionate and Stedfast in our commitment to provide excellent patient-centered care to you and/or your loved one. We are determined to assist our clients to lead a dignified and independent life as long as possible in their own environment.

  • IV fluids/hydration
  • Changing of IV site dressing
  • Tube feeding management
  • Catheter care management 
  • Medication management
  • Wound care of chronic wounds
  • Care of established tracheostomy
  • Diabetes Management
  • Ostomy Care
  • Chronic disease management...
  • Stedfast provides the nursing services that enables individuals to remain in the safety and comfort of their home with medical conditions or treatments that would normally be done in a higher level of care such as Rehabilitation or Nursing Home.
  • Stedfast is able to provide Intravenous therapy such as maintaining the site, flushes, hydration and the discontinuation of the IV.
  • Stedfast is able to provide tube feeding management of jejunostomy /gastrostomy
  • Provide the tube feeding, flushing and care of the ostomy site
  • Provide the administration of medications via the tube
  • Catheter management which includes maintenance of the care, replacement of the catheter and observation and reporting of signs or symptoms of infection or other complications.
  • We are able to provide wound care for pressure ulcers, wound vacs, diabetic ulcers and post-surgical wounds. We will observe and report and signs or symptoms to the treating Physician.
  • Stedfast is able to provide the care and services to an established tracheostomy. Suctioning of the trach. Cleansing and changing of the trach as ordered by the treating Physician.
  • Stedfast provides Diabetes Management. Performing accuchecks, providing the Insulin coverage per Physician’s orders. Stedfast is able to provide education and training of the individual and/or family member for self-administration of Insulin.
  • Stedfast provided ostomy care for individuals and will educate and train on self-care of ostomy.
  • Stedfast is able to provide the necessary care and services for chronic disease management such as COPD, Atrial Fibrillation, CHF, Hypertension, Cancer, ALS, Neurological and Muscular Disorders.
  • Stedfast will work with the Attending Physician to provide those services safely at the individual’s home or home-like environment. Stedfast is accustomed to communicating with other members of the individual’s health-care team.

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