Once care is started, what happens next?

Author: Stedfast Home Care Services |

Once care is started, Steadfast Home Care will develop a Plan of Care for your needs. Stedfast Home Care involves key professionals, staff members, and you, the patient, in developing your individual plan of care, which is based upon admission information, your physician’s specific medication and treatment orders, our observations, and your personal wishes. The plan of care is designed to increase your ability to care for yourself.

The plan of care may include the following interventions and goals:

  • Personal care
  • Psychosocial needs
  • Physician information regarding orders and treatment

The plan of care is reviewed and updated as needed, based on your changing needs. Medical information will be provided to assist you in participating in your plan of care.

There must be a willing, able, and available caregiver to be responsible for your care between agency visits. This person can be you, a family member, a friend, or a paid caregiver.