Is A Home Care Service Right For Me?

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Deciding to get home care services is a tough decision as it means you’ve begun to accept that you’re no longer as agile or self-sufficient as you used to be. If you’re making this choice for a loved one, it’s equally challenging, as you want to make sure that they don’t feel abandoned by you. In either situation, realizing that you need to hire home care is often emotional. However, if you look at the positive side, you’re loved one can still remain independent and receive several benefits with home care services. 

First of all, the nursing and personal care assistance provider will care for your loved one in the comforts and safety of their own home environment. That way, they don’t feel out of place and still have control over their daily routine. A familiar environment also helps to minimize the risk of incidents and injuries. It promotes a sense of well-being and reduces the chances of contracting contagious diseases and infections.

Additionally, when your loved ones have someone dedicated to their needs, they don’t have to stress or reach out to neighbors and relatives when they need something. They’ll always have someone to take them to the store, their doctor’s appointments, and any other place that they need to go to.

But, finding the perfect caregiver with a personality that matches theirs can be tough. Fortunately, at Stedfast Home Care Services, we have carefully selected caregiver staff that shares a passion and vision of caring for our clients as if they are family. This enables them to be compatible with just about anybody. They are also patient, kind, and understanding throughout the time they are with your loved one. Apart from their attitude, our staff and caregivers are well trained, qualified, and experienced in providing nursing and personal care to individuals in their homes.

If you’d like to get to know how we operate, you can schedule a free on-site visit with one of our nurses. If you are worried about the transfer of illnesses from our staff to you and your loved one, don’t be as we use strict infection control measures like masks and maintaining social distancing during the meeting. We routinely submit to COVID-19 testing and perform self-checks daily for signs and symptoms of the viral illness.

Besides this, the cost of our home-based care is substantially lower than assisted living costs, nursing home costs, and personal care home costs. Our service fees are based on the level of care you require.

The alternative to home care services is personal care homes. They provide your loved one with the additional support they need to age well and safely. There will be one staff to provide care for a minimum of four individuals in a house setting. Assisted living facilities will offer a higher level of care, and the ratio of care is usually 10:1. Long-term care facilities provide a care ratio of 12:1. With home care, your loved one will receive assistance with their individual care needs and additional support with household tasks, errands, meals, medication oversight, and still receive 1:1 care, which makes it an excellent choice. 

To avail of assistance from Stedfast Home Care Services, all you need to do is contact our agency promptly and schedule a face to face or virtual interview with a representative from our team. If you’re happy with the interview session, you then need to schedule a home visit for an assessment by a Registered Nurse. This must be done to determine what your care needs and services are. This meeting is non-binding, but it allows you to discuss with the nurse precisely what your goals for services are. Once you feel confident about the agency and agree with the partnership for the services requested, you’ll need to sign an agreement of service, and our home care services will begin as requested. A nurse will oversee the care services and routinely follow up with you to ensure care and services are provided according to the care plan, yours and your loved one’s preferences and satisfaction.

For more details about our home care services, feel free to reach out to Stedfast Home Care Services. We are a home care agency in Lawrenceville, Georgia, providing nursing care, medication prompting, and companion care services. We have over three decades of experience in working and caring for seniors, providing post-acute and rehabilitative care to clients. We have clinical expertise in illness, injuries, chronic disease management, memory and dementia care, and other behavioral issues. Our educated and trained team are comfortable caring for seniors. They pay attention to individual preferences and excel in customer satisfaction.

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