Employee Spotlight: Cheryl R. Barnett

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Meet Cheryl R. Barnett, a personal care assistant at Stedfast Home Care Services. Cheryl, also known as Renee, started her career at Stedfast Home Care Services four years ago and has a bright future with us.

It’s tough to put into words Renee’s importance, but the reason we’re featuring her on our blog this month is to showcase our appreciation for her efforts. Renee has quite a reputation amongst our employees who know her as well as among our patients.

In the past four years, we have seen Renee go above and beyond her job description all the time. She provides care to our clients just like she is taking care of her own loved ones. She caters to their individualized needs and preferences and goes out of her way to make each day special for them. Renee will prepare their favorite meal with loving-kindness. She will stay beyond her shift to make sure she leaves them comfortable and safe.

We have several examples of her dedication and commitment to caring for her clients, but there is one recent incident that really stands out. Renee, (all her clients call her Renee) arrived at her client’s residence at ten at night as usual. The client’s spouse did not respond to her knock on the door, but the client heard the knock or doorbell but was not able to get to the door. The client was also calling out to her husband, but he did not hear her calls. It was extremely cold outside. Renee called several times on the phone, but the spouse was sound asleep and did not respond for more than an hour. Renee did not leave the site.

She then went to the door, communicated with the client, made sure she was safe, and then returned to her car to stay warm. She prevented the client from further injury and anxiety by reassuring her that she will be there and check on her often until she was able to enter. Renee prevented potential injury by encouraging the client not to attempt to get up from her bed. We, however, did reach the spouse, and he realized that Renee was at the door. Renee was resolved to do whatever was necessary to ensure the well-being of her client. The client and the spouse were extremely pleased with Renee’s tenacity to provide oversight and reassurance to the client during inclement weather.

What we admire the most about Renee is that she brings compassion, dedication, dependability, and most of all, her laughter and joyous attitude in serving and caring for others.

It is clear that Renee will do whatever she is able to do to make sure her clients are well cared for and safe at Stedfast Home Care Services. During a tough period for one of her clients, she stayed around the clock to ensure she was not alone and was cared for. Renee placed her own household second to her client.

When we asked about why she loves working with us, she grinned and said: “I have traveled extensively around the world. I have held several positions in other work fields. Caring for others has been my most rewarding career. The smiles, stories, and hugs I receive from the clients I serve are better than anything I have ever experienced! It is my joy to bring joy to others.”

This attitude makes us proud to have Renee as part of our team. Her values as an individual align with ours, making her an indispensable part of our team.

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